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Hotel OPERATIONS Management

Meet our Hotel Operations Management Consultants

Bobby Bryant.jpg

Bobby Bryant

Hotel Operations

Area of Expertise:

  • Brand Development and Marketing Strategy

  • Media Planning and Execution

  • Channel Optimization and Management 

  • Customer Research and Insights

  • Content Strategy, Creation and Curation 

  • Analytics and Insights

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Dennis Barot, CA

Hotel Finance

Area of Expertise:

  • Hospitality industry Accounting and Finance

  • Profit Assurance and Performance Measurement

  • New Hotel Openings

  • Implementation of rigorous performance standards and building superior finance teams

  • Asset Management

  • Standard Operating Procedures and Internal Control compliance

  • Establishing Labor Standards

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Rose K. Huddleston
Human Resources
Leadership Strategy

Area of Expertise:

  • Strategic Human Resources (HR) Leadership

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Development

  • Employee Engagement

  • Total Compensation

  • Labor Relations

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WALV GM Donald Bowman[2393].jpg

Donald Bowman, FHCIMA

Luxury Hotel Operations

Area of Expertise:

  • Building Service Cultures of Excellence

  • Hotel Operations and Commercial Reviews

  • Brand transition support and operations

  • Pre-opening support and operations

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HH photo.jpg

Hervé Houdré

Sustainability Strategy

and Operations 

Area of Expertise:

  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy for all industries

  • Senior Living Sustainability & Wellness strategies

  • Building efficiency & Sustainable design

  • Asset Management

  • Social Responsibility

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Mary Choi Kelly, PhD


Area of Expertise:

  • Talent Management Strategy

  • Leadership Development

  • Change Management

  • Culture Transformation

  • Women In Leadership Development

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Claire Seneca

Spa & Wellness

Area of Expertise:

  • Luxury Spa & Wellness Consulting

  • Spa, Fitness & Wellness concept development

  • Spa Business and Operations Reviews

  • Brand Transition Support and Management

  • Marketing, Communication & Branding

  • Revenue and Profit optimization

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Sofia R. Gonzalez

Talent & Organization 

Culture Management 

Area of Expertise:

  • Service Experience Mystery Shop and Audits 

  • Executive Leadership Retreat Facilitation

  • Executive Coaching and Development

  • Hotel Openings & Re-branding - Culture Training 

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Team Building 

  • Service Culture Transformation

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Arvind Bala headshot.JPG

Arvind Bala

Channel Strategy

Area of Expertise:

  • Channel Marketing & Channel Strategy

  • Distribution - Third Party Contract Vetting

  • Distribution - Third Party Contract Negotiations

  • Revenue and Inventory Management

  • Hotel Openings

  • Call Center Management

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Overview: Our advisors offer tried and proven business acumen to close the gaps within your business' operation. Our approach consists of listening to your needs,  performing deep dives and analyses of current state before making recommendations. We will be with you to guide you through Implementation Plans and make adjustments as needed.  As past practitioners we understand the fast changing environment and pace and will remain at your side throughout your business' evolution towards organizational enhancement, operational excellence, sustainable long-term market share, revenue, and profit growth.

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