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Internal Audit Co-Sourcing 

Meet our Internal Audit
Co-Sourcing Consultant

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Sharetta Hambrick, MBA

Process Improvement & Audit Assurance 

Area of Expertise:

  • Enterprise Risk Management, Governance, and Controls

  • Process Optimization & Continuous Improvement

  • Audit Leadership, Strategy, & Transformation

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Overview: Our team of compliance experts will partner with your internal audit teams to provide independent, objective support to your existing compliance functions helping to create a win-win outcome which helps reduce your organization’s compliance burden in a cost-effective manner.

Services include: 

  • Streamlining and establishing controls and Sarbanes-Oxley Assistance Services

  • Operations and IT Audit Services

  • Perform SOX, SOC1 or SOC2 readiness reviews

  • Project Management Services

  • Process Optimization & Improvement Services

  • Data Privacy Reviews

  • Pre- or Post- System Implementation Reviews

  • Systems Attestation Assistance Services (HEALTH CHECK)

  • Policies & Procedures Development Assistance Services

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