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Unlocking Strategic Value....

Through our network of best-in-class consultants 

A network of accomplished, diverse consultants under one umbrella serving your service culture and strategic needs in the hospitality, healthcare, government agencies and other customer-facing businesses.

About Us

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About Heritage Consulting

A minority women-owned and operated business, Heritage Consulting by B+R is a carefully curated network of independent consultants who share a passion for helping clients quickly respond to the ever-changing business environment in as fast a pace and in a cost effective manner, strategic leadership and service culture advantages achieving long-term results in both efficiencies and growth. We realize that it is physically impossible for one individual to be an expert on everything. Our approach is this team of experts who are equipped to competently support your business needs and give you back your time to focus on other matters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a business response team of independent experts that uses their wealth of experience in luxury hospitality, healthcare, risk management, auditing, finance, and crisis communications to help businesses who do not have the luxury of employing full-time experts in every discipline, take their strategic vision from conception to fruition skillfully unlocking strategic value in your organization.

Meet Our Consultants

At Heritage Consulting by B+R our Rolodex comprises a proven track record of hospitality, finance, risk management and crisis communications experts who have served at the highest levels in Hotels & Resorts, Gaming Industry, Estate Management and The White House.

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