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Claire Seneca


About Claire

Claire is French/Scandinavian who lived in Saudi Arabia for many years until she came back to France to follow her studies at La Sorbonne Paris. 

She started her career in the Navy as Administrator and Analyst, working for important political figures such as Ministers and Generals. While in Kosovo Claire was responsible for the French Minister’s office and the Administrator's Cabinet.


Over the years, Claire developed her entrepreneurship, creative qualities and holistic approach, founding her own SPA & Wellness business by winning the Business Creators Awards. 

Her concepts, ideas and talents attracted attention of numerous CEOs. Bonding with Hospitality Industry, she followed her International career hence, developed her knowledge in countries such as America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Indian Ocean and Middle East.  Settled in the USA, she developed her talents in Spa, Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle. Claire is known as high-energy director with more than 20 years of worldwide experience providing excellence in leadership of business units and project management.  Claire has worked for many luxury brands such as Ritz-Carlton, Bellagio Resort & Casino, Le Prince Maurice Mauritius, Accor Hotels, and La Cote Saint-Jacques Relais & Chateaux.

Overview of Services


  • Operational audits of on-going operations

  • Brand Standards and Quality review and recommendation

  • Sales & Marketing including Brand positioning

  • Establish Standards for guest/quality Improvements

  • Concept and menu creation  

  • Short-term Evaluations of Spa & Wellness Talents

  • 3-day onsite property visit and executive summary of short, medium & long-term opportunities with detailed action plan for execution and Implementation

  • Short-Term Management solutions



  • Critical Path planning for Incoming/outgoing brand to facilitate transition

  • Commercial and Operations Reviews

  • Short-term Evaluations of Spa Operational, Sales & Marketing Performance


  • Opening Spa Leadership support and expertise

  • Management Transitional support to support unfilled roles

  • Creation of detailed critical paths & training plans

  • Support In recruiting and building teams

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