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Arvind Bala

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About Arvind

A Marketing & Sales professional with diverse experience leading luxury hospitality brands in Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Arvind has deep expertise in understanding the complex issues related to bringing a product to market and consumers across the globe successfully. Further, having worked in different parts of the world and diverse markets, he can connect the dots and draw upon his network of contacts to solve a problem successfully.


With over two decades expertise in Channel Marketing, Revenue Management, Distribution, Hotel Openings, Call Centre Management and Hotel Sales & Marketing, Arvind has broad management, leadership, analytical skills developing a market strategy for various luxury hotel groups at the Property level, Above Property level and Global headquarters.

Overview of Services


  • Hotel pre-opening market feasibility and situation analysis

  • Pricing by market segment approach

  • Value vs Price analysis

  • Hotel positioning and re-positioning statement development

  • Marketing team engagement and talent allocation

  • Room type mix planning

  • Call Centre set up



  • Revenue Management and inventory management

  • Business mix alignment

  • Source market assessment and planning

  • Marketing revenue and expense budgeting/ forecasting


  • Hotel representation and trade show planning

  • Channel Strategy

  • Channel optimization for performance

  • Brand partnerships

  • Call Centre Management



  • Distribution - Third-party contract vetting

  • Distribution - Third-party contract negotiations

  • Channel incrementality analysis

  • Distribution technology vendor assessment and planning

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