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Consulting Services

Diversity, Equity AND Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are not "buzzwords" but rather business imperatives tied directly to the business case of the best companies around the globe. Our experts will lead you through the development of tools and competencies for a sustainable diversity and inclusion strategy to be practiced as a core value of all companies.

organizational CULTURE
AND customer service  transformation 

Are you launching a new culture, trying to evolve an existing culture or interested in sustaining your current culture? Our experts will leverage the systems and processes of your organization’s brand, improve your employee and customer engagement by creating a differentiator against your competitors.

Executive Recruiting

We focus on recruiting and developing diverse top talent through the creation of tailored talent acquisition strategies for our clients. We partner with our clients to develop the competencies that are a fit for the long-term health of the organization.

Talent Leadership Training and Lifestyle Coaching

We curate and define comprehensive organizational designs, talent strategies and performance management tools to help our clients drive high performing work teams with a strong sense of accountability and transparency to deliver strong employee, guests and owner value.

Co-Sourcing Internal Audits Compliance Functions

Our team of compliance experts will partner with your internal audit teams to provide independent, objective support to your existing compliance functions helping to create a win-win outcome which helps reduce your organization’s compliance burden in a cost-effective manner.

Project Management services

We boast a team of certified project management experts who may be sole project managers for a specific assignment and are also flexible enough to partner with an existing team within an organization to supplement and create effective synergies.

Sustainability Strategy AND Operation

Our expert in sustainability development and world-class hotelier was among the early hospitality champions that made this a key strategic goal within his hotels later championing this among the broader hospitality community. Sustainability has been defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

GLOBAL Event Management Services

Our referring partners will provide strategic and innovative guidance to help our client experience a seamlessly integrated event execution, achieving extraordinary levels of service in the Event Production and Event Management Industry. 

World-Class Healthcare Customer Service Training 

As customer service experts with experience leading some of the most iconic hospitality brands, we are equipped to help leaders of hospitals, nursing homes and home-care services assess, tailor, and deliver elevated patient care experiences that lead to highly satisfied patients and their family members. 

CHANGE management

 A deep dive into your operations will deliver a robust analysis, sound recommendations, and a comprehensive execution plan that will lead to technological evolution and organizational restructuring resulting in operational excellence, sustainable long-term market share, revenue, and profit growth enhancement.


We offer multi-disciplinary advisory services to hotel/resorts, integrated casino operations and estate management covering all aspects of the business that are relevant to operators, hotel operators, management teams, asset managers, ownership groups and estate managers. In addition, we will create standard operating policies and procedures.

task force

While you search for the best talent and fit for your operation needs, we will match your needs with qualified taskforce experts who will be the bridge between your immediate short-term needs and your future stabilized hire.

virtual assistant

As business conditions and priorities change so is the location of where works gets done. Virtual Assistants are here to stay and will fill the support gap for those living in an extremely fast paced environment with persistent travel with little need for brick-and-mortar spaces.

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