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Dennis barot, ca


About Dennis

More than 30 years of Hospitality experience in global luxury hotels and resorts establishing Internal Controls, talent management and Labor Standards to drive efficiency and improve margins.  Dennis is a proven strategic leader with global experience and a track record of establishing rigorous performance standards and building superior finance teams to drive results. Dennis has an excellent analytical, interpersonal and communication skills to arrive at a practical solution for a major business challenge.

Dennis has been largely recognized for creating value within an organization through effectively analyzing problems and coming up with a Win Win solution acceptable by all stake holders. Dennis has an extensive experience of performing a deep dive into hotel's cost structure to optimize productivity, efficiency and improve profit margins without Impacting the Guest experience.

Overview of Services


  • Annual business Plan, Capital Forecasting and Five-year plans

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Internal Controls: SOX Compliance

  • Internal Auditing and Coordination of External Audits

  • Leading and Developing High performance Finance Teams

  • Hotel Accounting and policy compliance



  • Profit Assurance responsibility and Performance Management.

  • Identifying and Implementing continuous Improvement processes

  • Establishing rigorous Labor standards.

  • Monitoring flow thru and profit maximization.

  • Development and monitoring of Key Performance Metrics that drives results

  • Implementation of Processes and Best Practice to drive economies of scale


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