World Class Patient Care Experience

Meet our Patient Care Experience Consultants

Jaxon Louie

Healthcare Technology

Area of Expertise:

  • Healthcare Payor & Provider 

  • Digital Strategy & Transformation

  • Innovation Management & COE development

  • Program Design, Governance & Leadership 

  • Performance Optimization & Improvement

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Dr. Bryan Williams

Culture of Service Excellence

Area of Expertise:

  • Customer Engagement

  • Leadership Excellence

  • Workforce Engagement

  • Culture Transformation

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Organizational Consulting

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Sofia R. Gonzalez

Talent Leadership & Organization

Culture Management 

Area of Expertise:

  • Service Experience Mystery Shop and Audits 

  • Executive Leadership Retreat Facilitation

  • Executive Coaching and Development

  • Employee Engagement 

  • Team Building 

  • Service Culture Transformation

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Donald Bowman, FHCIMA

Luxury Hotel Operations

Area of Expertise:

  • Building Service Cultures of Excellence

  • Brand transition support and operations

  • Pre-opening support and operations

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Overview: We know that providing patient care is more than clinical care.  It requires healthcare providers to deliver whole-person well-being that touches the emotional, psychological, and compassionate needs of the patient. Our advisors are equipped to help leaders of hospitals, nursing homes and home-care services assess, tailor, and deliver elevated patient care experiences that lead to highly satisfied patients and their family members.