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Consulting Services

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is not a buzz word but a business imperative tied directly to the business case of the best companies in America and around the globe. Through case studies and self assessments we can demonstrate to your organization the benefits of an inclusive workforce culture and help you develop the tools and competencies for a sustainable diversity and inclusion strategy. Leading a diverse workforce is a necessity and an asset for companies to be best in class.

organizational & customer service culture transformation 

Are you launching a new culture, trying to evolve an existing culture or interested in sustaining your current culture? Our experts will leverage the systems and processes of your organization’s brand to deliver world class service, improve your employee and customer engagement by creating a differentiator against your competitors.  We will drive transformational change that will build and sustain your culture.

Sustainability Strategy & Operation

Sustainable development has been defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is made up of three pillars, People, Profit, and the Planet. Our "Sustainability" expert is a highly regarded, seasoned world-class hotelier, passionate about building healthy business practices that support the maintenance of the planet's natural resources guided by the 17 United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals being applied in a pertinent and profitable way.  We are able to provide leadership in corporate sustainability strategies for all industries, with primary focus on tourism sectors of Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Destinations, and Academia. This strategy will help us all become more responsible entities and better corporate citizens.

Event Management & Communication Services

Our Referring Partners bring a unique perspective, innovative integrated event experience, and an exceptional level of service in the Event Production and Event Management industry. They will assist you in planning, organizing, and managing all logistics leading up to and during the execution of your business or social event. And because our partners believe events play an integral role in the reputation branding and leverage of an organization's strategic vision, they will bring a high degree of personalized service to the table to help you build client loyalty and differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. They act as an extension of your business when we take on this responsibility.

World-Class Patient Care Experience

We know that providing patient care is more than clinical care.  It requires healthcare providers to deliver whole-person well-being that touches the emotional, psychological, and compassionate needs of the patient.  As customer service experts with experience leading some of the most iconic hospitality brands, we are equipped to help leaders of hospitals, nursing homes and home-care services assess, tailor, and deliver elevated patient care experiences that lead to highly satisfied patients and their family members. As healthcare providers continue to move towards more value-based care, prioritizing positive patient care experience as much as the quality of the treatment delivered is invaluable. Our advisors are equipped to begin this journey with you .

Hotel Asset Management

 A deep dive into your operations will deliver a robust analysis, sound recommendations, and a comprehensive execution plan that will lead to technological evolution and organizational restructuring resulting in operational excellence, sustainable long-term market share, revenue, and profit growth enhancement.

 talent search

We collaborate to help you find and develop outstanding talents that will match your organizational culture. Our consultants will assist you in making informed decision about the leaders you need for the future success and growth of your organization.

Short term management solutions

While you search for the best talent and fit for your operation needs, let us continue to move your business forward by providing senior executive interim management solutions. We are available for operating hotels/resorts, integrated casino resorts, estate management, pre-opening projects, asset launch and turnaround management.

hotel advisory services

We offer multi-disciplinary advisory services to hotel/resorts, integrated casino operations and estate management covering all aspects of the business that are relevant to operators, hotel operators, management teams, asset managers, ownership groups and estate managers. In addition, we will create standard operating policies and procedures.

Talent management, leadership development & training, Lifestyle Coaching

Outstanding performance is tied to outstanding leaders.  We curate and define comprehensive organizational designs, talent strategies and performance management tools to help our clients drive high performing work teams with a strong sense of accountability and transparency to deliver strong employee, guests and owner value.

virtual assistants & PROJECT MANAGERS

As business conditions and priorities change we offer you access to a boutique team of experienced, highly skilled Virtual Assistants and Project Managers. From a variety of backgrounds they are versed in areas such as email management, calendar and appointment management, online research, creating business presentations, personal tasks such as booking hotel and restaurant reservations, airline bookings, project management, social media management, writing letters, data management and simple digital marketing tasks.

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