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Unlocking Strategic Value....

Through our network of best-in-class consultants 

A network of accomplished, diverse consultants under one umbrella serving your service culture and strategic needs in the hospitality, healthcare and other customer-facing businesses.

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Our Mission

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Our mission is to facilitate a business response team of independent experts that uses their wealth of experience in luxury hospitality, healthcare, risk management, auditing, finance, and crisis communications to help businesses who do not have the luxury of employing full-time experts in every discipline, take their strategic vision from conception to fruition skillfully unlocking strategic value in your organization.


Committed to Our Clients

Heritage Consulting by B+R prospects and uncovers business opportunities in hotels & resorts, government, healthcare, and various customer-facing businesses. We listen to the clients' unique requirements and craft a "needs assessment" outlining best-in-class solutions.


Committed to Excellence

Using our "collective" of hands-on-experienced independent experts, we at Heritage Consulting by B+R know first-hand that businesses do not always have the resources and expertise in-house to meet the demands of our rapidly changing environment and to move certain business imperatives forward in a timely manner. We are equipped to step into these gaps providing the resource that will support and guide you during those moments. 

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Committed to Exceptional Service 

We listen! Understanding your specific objectives and expected outcomes is key to a successful partnership.  Often the identified concern may not be the only impediment so we spend the time learning about your unique requirements before tailoring our recommendations. 

Utilizing our network we will quickly identify a single expert, or team of experts, that demonstrates the skill set and experience best suited for your assignment,

paying particular attention to

discipline, specific expertise, and cultural fit.

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