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Laura Quiros

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About Laura

Laura Quiros, PhD., LMSW is an Associate Professor of Social Work at Adelphi University for the past eleven years. She teaches social work practice at the Doctoral and Masters level. Her research and scholarly interests focus on the trauma informed care from a social justice lens. The common thread in her consulting, teaching and scholarship is elevating complexity and furthering the mission of social justice, including diversity and inclusion.


Laura works to find spaces in and outside of the classroom to advance inclusion within organizations. Using her lens as an educator, researcher, author, practitioner, trauma survivor, mother and woman of color from a multiracial and multiethnic background, Laura identified a deficiency and an interconnectedness in the fields of trauma, diversity and inclusion and social work education and leadership. 

She coaches, trains and facilitates dialogues with executive level staff across higher education, corporate and non-profits to dig deep and sincerely connect to diversity and inclusion. Some of this work involves gently pushing the boundaries of overcoming the resistance to talking candidly about whiteness and unpacking diversity and inclusion work. Much of this has been accomplished through relationship building. She uses her relationship building and clinical skills as a way to foster connection, inclusion and empathic accountability. Her practice is one of liberation, love and generosity.

Overview of Services


  • Training and Workshops

  • Executive Coaching

  • Facilitation of Dialogues/Forums

  • Individual Therapy/Clinical Supervision

  • Specific Departmental Work

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