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Karin Knecht, CPC, CCXE

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About Karin

Karin has more than 20 years of experience in corporate management in both domestic and global arenas, including InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.  Her experience spans coaching and mentoring, leadership and career development, as well as talent and performance management in the logistics, telecommunications, and hospitality industry.

Karin’s diverse background in North America, the United Kingdom, and Germany makes her a perfect partner to assist clients in leading high-performing multicultural teams. She asks thought-provoking questions to uncover limiting beliefs, helps clients create practical plans with win-win outcomes, and become inspiring and successful leaders.

As an expert in learning and organizational development, Karin consults with clients to implement a wide variety of development opportunities including team assessments, leadership programs, and employee engagement initiatives.  She has a hospitality diploma and a variety of certifications, including CPC (Certified Professional Coach), ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Master Practitioner, WLP (Workplace Learning Professional), CCXE (Certified Customer Experience Executive), and eCornell project leadership. She is a certified Achieve Global, CMOE coaching, and FranklinCovey facilitator, including 4 Essential Roles of Leadership. Her knowledge and expertise earned her the status of a trusted advisor in any business partnership and as a speaker at conferences.

Karin’s mission and track record shows her commitment to ‘Making a Difference’. In her past roles, Karin implemented impactful communication, change management, and collaboration tools. She developed initiatives that increased employee engagement scores and retention while creating a culture of belonging. Various coaching, mentoring, and learning programs enhanced leadership capability, confidence, and satisfaction. Hundreds of leaders rated her leadership programs 4.5 out of 5 with 70% knowledge increase. She worked with the HR and leadership teams to implement talent management frameworks and supported leaders in creating meaningful development and career plans. She enabled leaders to achieve organization and team purpose, vision and goals.

Karin is a member of Association for Talent Development, International Coaching Federation, and various local organizations.

Overview of Services


    • Support employee journey mapping

    • Develop strategies, roadmap, and communications plans to drive and improve employee engagement.

    • Implement employee engagement assessments, analyze results, and make recommendations.

    • Design employee engagement initiatives that create a sense of belonging and improve engagement scores.


    • ​Conduct training needs analysis, including individual leadership, 360, and team assessments.

    • Coach ex-pats and mid- to executive-level leaders new in the role.

    • Develop leadership development frameworks and leadership development programs for various levels.


    • Support customer journey mapping.

    • Develop customer service enhancement initiatives.

    • Facilitate customer service skills development for employees.


    • ​Set and achieve purpose, vision, strategy, and goals.

    • Executive presence, impactful communication, energy leadership.

    • Leadership skills like providing feedback and coaching, building authentic and positive relationships, inspiring others and creating a sense of belonging, time and stress management skills, change management, etc.

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