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“ON THE CQ”….Curiosity Quotient

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Angella M. Reid August 12, 2020

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”.…Albert Einstein

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, I like many of you had hoped that we would be in quarantine for no more than two to three months. That is not the case as we are now entering month five with no clear solution in sight.

At Heritage Consulting by B+R we have been in a continuous mode of building, learning, and networking. To steer our business through these choppy waters it is taking a high degree of curiosity, innovation, adaptability, and hard work. One thing we find in abundance is information. There is a lot of it out there and it requires a lot of time to sift through to arrive at what is relevant, useful, and applicable to one’s unique situation.

One thing is clear to, however, and that is, there is a true spirit of generosity in the information sharing across the many mediums and platforms. Maybe the information was always being shared at the same volume and we just were moving too fast to notice. I have become more curious and interested in businesses and thought leaders outside of my normal stable of interest, and if you are like me you too may have been bingeing not only Netflix but on a lot of Zoom calls, webinars and blogs. My paradigm has for sure shifted. I am no longer seeing the future as I six months or twelve months year ago. And though I am not evolving in lockstep with the world around me I am employing new ways of thinking about life and how I choose to process all the information that is at my disposal for the benefit of personal and professional growth.

Each of us chooses what to watch, what to listen to, what to respond to and what to participate in. I for one got ‘Zoom” fatigue for a while because I was doing so many of them. Then I hit pause. I began to cull the best of the gifts we were being given, I became more selective and took back my time.

In this spirit of giving we at Heritage Consulting by B+R are adding our voices to the sharing platform. I know you are saying, you just discussed how overwhelmed with information we are. Of course, that remains true however we have a choice of what we choose to focus on. We all have a story to tell and one never knows which one resonates with another.

As beneficiaries of the invaluable information gleaned from webinars, podcasts, and Zoom calls we are paying it forward in the form of a limited series titled ON THE CQ which we are launching in the coming week on LinkedIn. In this case, CQ stands for Curiosity Quotient and it is a term put forth by journalist and author Thomas L. Friedman as part of a narrative to illustrate how individuals can be powerfully motivated to learn about a topic that is of interest to them whether or not they possess a particularly high IQ. When I read about CQ I found it applied to me in so many ways and is a huge part of my success and how I learn. I am a passionately curious person often challenging the status quo even when it is unpopular. I strongly believe our street smarts life lessons are playing a huge role in how we adapt and navigate our way through this crisis on our way to become better human beings.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is us making lemonade with our lemons. When something bad happens, we have a few choices, we can let it define us, let it destroy us, or we can let it strengthen us.

Via ON THE CQ, our talented “collective” of independent experts will share their expertise, experiences, ideas and outlook for the future as seen through their eyes. We trust that the brief “knowledge drops” will spark a thought or an idea or two that triggers your curiosity, shifts your paradigm and helps you enhance your toolkit, as together, we continue guiding our personal lives and businesses through these complex and ever-changing times.

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